Friday, April 29, 2016

An Adventure in Freelance Editing

For those who follow this blog, you may have thought I was either on vacation or desperately sick. No, but I certainly was involved in an adventure.

As a freelance editor, formatter, and uploader of both print and e-books, I do take on some interesting tasks. Phyllis Jenkins, organizer of Powerful Journey Annual Women’s Conferences and personal counselor through the EnHERpreneur™ Masterclass, gave her class the project of writing their stories and publishing a book. They weren’t authors. They’d never done this kind of project. But several of them have established their own personal coaching organizations, and a book of this kind would be immensely beneficial.

Each woman wrote the story of her fierce challenges and how she overcame them through faith in God. Some books were quite short, and others about 130 pages. These women will be public speakers, most of them beginning at the Powerful Journey Women’s Conference in Plano, Texas, tomorrow (30 April, 2016). All of them will have print copies of their books for sale at the conference.

And that’s what I’ve been doing for two months, in addition to my own novel production. More about that in some other post.

Following are the books produced by these remarkable, faith-filled women: Phyllis Jenkins, Pat McNatt, Adrienne Hernandez, Molly Stephens, Tiffany Anderson, and Pauline Witt.

Look for their books on and prepare to be blessed!


Lee Carver said...

All these beautiful covers, prepared according to the individual designs of the authors, were created by Jackie Castle: . It has been a pleasure to work with Jackie, and she has my strongest recommendation.

Jackie Castle said...

Thank you, Lee. I really enjoyed working with these ladies and they have my prayers that their stories will touch lives and glorify God. Appreciate you recommending me to be a part of this awesomeness. =)

Lee Carver said...

I felt the same way, Jackie. And your covers captured exactly what each author wanted for her book.