Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Announcing the Release of "A Secret Life"

by Lee Carver

Published by Prism Book Group

What escape exists for a German aristocrat with American and Jewish blood?


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The German Army of World War II rips KARL VON STEUBEN from his family and privileged life, forcing him to conceal his American sympathies and Jewish heritage. Stripped of every tie to his home country, he determines to escape. As he crawls to the Siegfried Line, only he knows the hiding place of gold ingots melted from the jewelry of prisoners. Wounded after assuming the identity of a fallen American soldier, Karl briefly deceives even himself.
Discharged and shipped to America, he discovers God’s unmerited favor in a beautiful Atlanta nurse. But he must return to Germany or relinquish his family fortune and rear children under the name of another man. Will Grace forgive his duplicity and accept him as a loyal American?

How did I come to write a World War II novel?

In 2010, my husband and I, with a few close friends, took a private tour organized by Keith  and Robin Sink McClelland. The daughter of Col. Robert Sink, Regimental Commander of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Robin traced the path of her father’s campaign from their parachute drop behind the lines at Normandy until the end of the war in Europe. My father-in-law, Royce B. Carver, fought through much of the same countryside with the Timberwolf Division, the 401st Infantry, which made the tour personal. Never a student of history, I came to understand the European theater of World War Two as never before. I am indebted to the McClellands for this world-expanding experience, and to my husband for insisting that I accompany him.
The story is entirely fictional, placed against the entirely true background of the war. As all of my fiction is inspirational, the characters carry out their plot within the Christian worldview. God is with his people through the greatest horrors and personal difficulties possible. I invite you to walk with Karl through his forced induction into the German Army, his duplicity, and a love-and-marriage plot line you won't see in another novel. Have a marvelous journey!

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Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

This is such an interesting read. I enjoyed the way the story came together and truly feared for the characters. Great writing!