Warmest greetings to friends, accidental guests, and all fellow writers.

You all know the phrase "truth in lending," right? Allow me to bend and adapt that phrase to reflect my belief that fiction should be true-to-life, believeable. No plots with holes in them wide enough to swallow a blimp. The net beneath the plot doesn't collapse so that, right in the middle of the book you think, But that would never happen. "Willful suspension of disbelief" only goes so far.

My stories are inspirational fiction, intended to uplift the reader and glorify God. My plots have resolution and satisfaction by the last page.

So long as we live in the real world, we will have problems. But we also have the option of wise choices and faith in an all-powerful God who wishes for us only good. Walk with my characters through their challenges, knowing that they are designed to be like real people waging life, growing spiritually. That's what I mean by "Truth in Fiction".

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Love Takes Flight

I'm thrilled that my new novel, released December 3, 2014, has endorsements worthy of framing. Gracia Burnham, the missionary to the Philippines whose husband was killed in the "rescue" following their long capture by terrorists, wrote:
Lee captures the reality of missions and missionaries in hard-to-reach areas. The joy of serving God and sharing salvation through Jesus is tempered by the dangers, diseases, and difficulties of accepting His call. Lee's years as a missionary in Brazil illuminate the life and personalities of her characters. An adventurous, inspiring novel!
----Gracia Burnham, missionary to The Philippines and author of In the Presence of My Enemies.

Here's the "blurb" of the book:

Volunteering in the Amazon to escape a broken heart, American R.N. Camille Ringold fears she has lost the chance to be married to a doctor and live well in suburbia. Serving two weeks with missionaries living out a sacred calling, she considers whether a more meaningful life might be hers.
When the Wings of Help plane is hijacked, she and missionary pilot Luke Strong escape into the jungle. Aided by a river village, they recover the plane, but she may be fired for returning to the U.S. late. Two weeks become four when she chooses to care for Luke through his malaria. Priorities change as experiences of faith mount. Where is the intersection of God’s will and her selfish desires?
The shortened code to find the book on Amazon.com is http://amzn.to/12nRfpk
It's available in both print and Kindle version at this address. I do hope you'll enjoy the novel, and even return to Amazon and post a comment about it. Those reviews are so important to its success. And if you use FaceBook or other social media, sharing this release with your friends would be tremendous support. Thank you for your consideration.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Announcing the Release of "A Secret Life"

by Lee Carver

Published by Prism Book Group

What escape exists for a German aristocrat with American and Jewish blood?


"A Secret Life" hotlink to Amazon print and Kindle


The German Army of World War II rips KARL VON STEUBEN from his family and privileged life, forcing him to conceal his American sympathies and Jewish heritage. Stripped of every tie to his home country, he determines to escape. As he crawls to the Siegfried Line, only he knows the hiding place of gold ingots melted from the jewelry of prisoners. Wounded after assuming the identity of a fallen American soldier, Karl briefly deceives even himself.
Discharged and shipped to America, he discovers God’s unmerited favor in a beautiful Atlanta nurse. But he must return to Germany or relinquish his family fortune and rear children under the name of another man. Will Grace forgive his duplicity and accept him as a loyal American?

How did I come to write a World War II novel?

In 2010, my husband and I, with a few close friends, took a private tour organized by Keith  and Robin Sink McClelland. The daughter of Col. Robert Sink, Regimental Commander of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Robin traced the path of her father’s campaign from their parachute drop behind the lines at Normandy until the end of the war in Europe. My father-in-law, Royce B. Carver, fought through much of the same countryside with the Timberwolf Division, the 401st Infantry, which made the tour personal. Never a student of history, I came to understand the European theater of World War Two as never before. I am indebted to the McClellands for this world-expanding experience, and to my husband for insisting that I accompany him.
The story is entirely fictional, placed against the entirely true background of the war. As all of my fiction is inspirational, the characters carry out their plot within the Christian worldview. God is with his people through the greatest horrors and personal difficulties possible. I invite you to walk with Karl through his forced induction into the German Army, his duplicity, and a love-and-marriage plot line you won't see in another novel. Have a marvelous journey!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Thistle Down:  Can tenderhearted Pastor Ian MacCraig keep a pair of prickly sisters from marrying the wrong men?
Emily Downey has found the perfect groom. If only she loved the man... Chelsea Downey is wild about her boyfriend. Trouble is, he’s two-timing her and everyone sees it but her.

Their thorny situation gets even stickier when the church ladies come up with a plan.

Can Pastor Ian MacCraig weed out the thistles and get to the heart of the matter in time to save the day?

The novella, Thistle Down, the intro to Wildflowers of Scotland novels, and the first scene of the upcoming release, Wild Rose, are now FREE at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/310079. Amazon to follow soon. Download away! The author thanks you.
About the author:
Twenty years ago, Sherrie Hansen bought a dilapidated Victorian house in northern Iowa so she could move home and be nearer her family. She rescued an amazing but very run-down old house from the bulldozer's grips and turned it into a bed and breakfast and tea house, the Blue Belle Inn. Welcoming guests, running the business and cooking wonderful food has consumed the largest chunk of her life ever since.

Before that, Sherrie lived in Colorado Springs, CO, and before that, Augsburg, Germany. She attended Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL and spent one life-changing summer in Bar Harbor, Maine. Sherrie grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota.

After 12 years of writing romance novels late at night when she couldn't sleep (mostly because she was so keyed up from working 12 hour days at her B&B), Sherrie met and married her real-life, romantic hero, Mark Decker, a pastor. She enjoys playing the piano with the worship team at church, needlepointing, photography, renovating and decorating historic houses, traveling, and going on weekly adventures with her nieces and nephews.
Sherrie lives in 2 different houses, 85 miles apart, and writes on the run, whenever she has a spare minute. “Wild Rose” is her sixth book to be published by Second Wind Publishing, a mid-sized, independent press out of Kernersville, NC.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What if, instead of just giving the nitty-gritty details on new inspirational books with free offers, I posted book covers and the "blurb?" What if I even posted the author's picture? Then the first of the new series should be of a good-looking guy, right? That ought to bring in the lady readers. Therefore, feast your eyes on this selection, and leave a comment to get a free download.
Adam Blumer's second suspense novel, The Tenth Plague, was just released on Tuesday, Jan. 29. To celebrate, he's holding a Facebook release-date event with six giveaways: four free downloads of his new novel and two physical copy giveaways of my first suspense novel, Fatal Illusions What's more, he's giving a free download of The Tenth Plague through this blog, so you have lots of chances to win either the download or a print copy.

Leave a comment here for the extra download, and you can also enter the drawing by participating in at least one promotional task for the new novel by going to:  http://www.facebook.com/events/245824488884765/

Water turns to blood. Flies and gnats attack the innocent. Marc and Gillian Thayer’s vacation resort becomes a grisly murder scene, with a killer using the ten plagues of Egypt as his playbook for revenge.

When their friend turns up dead, Marc and Gillian put their vacation on hold, enlist the help of a retired homicide detective, and take a closer look at the bizarre plagues as they escalate in intensity. Meanwhile, a stranger is after the Thayers’ newly adopted baby. Will they uncover the truth behind the bitter agenda before the tenth plague, the death
of the firstborn son?

About the Author

Adam Blumer is the author of Fatal Illusions (Kregel Publications) and The Tenth Plague (Kirkdale Press). A print journalism major in college, he works as a freelance writer and editor after serving in editorial roles for more than twenty years. He lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with his wife, Kim, and his daughters, Laura and Julia.

Adam Blumer
Freelance Editor and Novelist
Novels: Fatal Illusions, The Tenth Plague

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free Print Books and Kindle Downloads

So this is my new idea:

This blog will post links for free print books and Kindle downloads. Most will be gleanings from fellow writers of American Christian Fiction Writers, and all will be appropriate reading within the Christian World View. People may follow the blog to pick books that suit their interests--a sort of one-stop shopping.

Most of the new links will come out over the weekend, and may be of very short duration. Hop on a post quickly or lose your chance! That's not my choice. It's the way the industry works.

Some of the offerings, especially print books, will require you to go to a blog and leave a comment in order to be in the drawing for a book mailed to your address. It's not unusual to have only five to a dozen people competing for the book, so it's definitely worth a few minutes online. Others, especially Kindle books, will be a direct link to the free download on Amazon.com. But act quickly!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Precious Words on the Cutting Room Floor

        How painful it is to cut carefully crafted words! Words that slide gracefully onto the page, beautifully descriptive words, but words unnecessary to the plot and process of the book. Readers of "Love's Second Verse", you barely met Tiffany, the receptionist of InterBank's Personnel head, Mr. Tom Chalmers. Alas, after over-developing dear Tiffany in the first chapter, I never found a way to bring her back into the story. Inspired by the teenage version of my beautiful Texas nieces, she faded into oblivion.
       Small comfort is derived by pasting her into my "Out-takes" folder. From thence I bring her back to life today for a blog post below.
       Writers, what cuts hurt you most? I invite you to put them into a comment or email me directly at LeeCarver2@aol.com and I'll add them to this post. Resurrect the words! Let them see daylight and live!

       And now for Tiffany the receptionist:
The sound of his receptionist Tiffany’s platform shoes advanced on the plush carpet towards his door. Her hair got there first, followed a nanosecond later by her cheerfully painted face with three blended colors of eye shadow. “Hi, Mr. Chalmers. Can I get you some coffee?”
 The coffee setup was in a niche right there off the corridor, so Tom usually fixed his own. Obviously, Tiffany wanted to talk about something. “Thanks, Tiffany. Decaf this late. What’s on your mind?”
Tiffany drained the stale decaf into his cup. It didn’t matter. He wasn’t going to drink it anyway.
“Sorta wondering about that IT job. We got like a whole lot of applicants. Are the interviews going all right?”
“Oh, about the same as any bunch. There are the interviewees who come in with their own agenda, clogging the air with an onslaught of words which may or may not answer the questions. Strange, sometimes, what they think will impress us.”
With furrowed brow, Tiffany leaned against the door jam in a way that bent her hair on one side.  “Did Mrs. Morgan do okay? Remember her, this morning? With the, ah…”
“…splashed suit. I’d say she did well, considering. It probably worked out better for her that she was splashed by Mr. Braddock. I mean, she would have been a fairly ordinary candidate in a large field of finalists. But she came in here and showed us that she could pull herself together and concentrate and do a good interview. She didn’t fall apart, and she didn’t make me wait or ask to reschedule.”
“Was it Mr. Braddock that splashed her?” Tiffany whispered as if a revered figure had been touched by scandal. She eased her long, thin body into the interviewing chair, crossed her legs at the shins and then rocked her platform shoes at an odd angle, looking like a broken doll with too much rouge. Even this late in the day, her cologne-flowers still bloomed.

So, do you have a Tiffany? Or a sunset description that defies the imagination? Perhaps the outline of a subplot that got nixxed. Speak up and feel the relief of letting precious words out of the closet.