Saturday, June 27, 2015

Marital Separation and Divorce in a Christian Novel

Dear Friends,

I've ignored my blogging responsibilities while completing a full-length novel and a novella, both of which are now sent out. The novella is a group set about which you'll hear release details soon. The cover is holding up the process.

The full-length novel, with the working title of Retreat to Shelter Creek, is with my agent. Though the plot is no surprise to her, she is concerned that it will be a hard sell in the Christian market. The heroine has retreated to the fictional small town of Shelter Creek to care for her grandmother through chemo. She is ever-so willing to do this because her husband of eight years has left her for his junior college student, who is pregnant with his child.

Divorce due to unfaithfulness is rampant in our society, even among Christians. Even among marriages which seemed stable and righteous at the beginning. My precious daughter and two of my nieces, all beautiful Christian women, fell victim to unfaithful husbands. I've written this novel from my heart, friends. With as much humor as possible considering the drama, and as much drama as possible considering the subject.

My agent has asked for endorsements and comparable books at the outset. What novel have you read lately, either inspirational or not, which dealt with a cast-aside wife? Do you feel a novel with this theme will be well received, hopefully read by women who have been hurt? My intention is to support and comfort. And yes, I gave my heroine a good man and a happily-ever-after ending--something I pray my daughter will onetime experience. The kind of love she deserves.

What do you say? Is a novel like this likely to be successful?


Deanna Stevens said...

I think it is so relevant to today that it will touch those who read it.. I'd love to after just your short into :)

Lee Carver said...

Thanks, Deanna. I'm gathering a bit of steam just today talking about it. There are too many fine young women with their hopes for a loving family dashed.