Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free Print Books and Kindle Downloads

So this is my new idea:

This blog will post links for free print books and Kindle downloads. Most will be gleanings from fellow writers of American Christian Fiction Writers, and all will be appropriate reading within the Christian World View. People may follow the blog to pick books that suit their interests--a sort of one-stop shopping.

Most of the new links will come out over the weekend, and may be of very short duration. Hop on a post quickly or lose your chance! That's not my choice. It's the way the industry works.

Some of the offerings, especially print books, will require you to go to a blog and leave a comment in order to be in the drawing for a book mailed to your address. It's not unusual to have only five to a dozen people competing for the book, so it's definitely worth a few minutes online. Others, especially Kindle books, will be a direct link to the free download on But act quickly!

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