Saturday, August 13, 2011

Proof Copy Arrives!

After a tremendous battle with the cover, "Love's Second Verse" was uploaded to for its Print on Demand (POD) version. That is, for people who want to hold a REAL book rather than an e-reader, copies may be ordered from

So the next step after the upload's review and approval was to order a proof copy. Did that. Paid the rush fee. And it came on Friday! A solid book in my hand, pretty cover and all. Was I pleased? Yes, for a while. But the font I chose was a little, well, light. And its brief italic passages, mainly direct thoughts of the main characters, were just too curly.

I read parts, passed it around to friends at dinner that night, welcomed comments. They were happy for me, excited about the book, but honest about the font. And the spacing of the lines. I could have less than 1.5 spacing, larger and better font, and still stay below the dreaded 400 page count. So at 10:30 last night, I reformatted the text. And fixed another couple of things I had found.

Today the review pass came in an e-mail, and I ordered another proof. Could have skipped that part, but I did that once, years ago in Brazil, and lived to regret it. Nope, we need to see another proof. More rush postage. It should arrive on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, my brand new Kindle arrived Friday, also. And the e-book looks great on the Kindle. It has been a long learning curve, folks, but I feel ready to help others avoid my mistakes. Feel free to ask. I'm open.

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